Piper Archer III: Small Yet Mighty


If you train with Pacific Flight Aviation (PFA), you have the chance to fly some of the best planes on the market. Here at PFA, we’re a fan of Piper fixed-wing aircraft. Founder and CFI, Wayne Hankins, learned to fly in Piper planes himself. Our first addition to the PFA fleet, the Archer III, is an ideal fixed-wing for all levels of flying experience; its up-to-date yet simplified system offers advanced technology for the pros while still attainable enough for newcomers.

Between a wingspan of 35.5 ft and height of 7.3 ft, the Archer III packs a big punch in a small package. With a maximum altitude of 14,100 ft, our Archer III has been flying since 2001. Highlights include the 180 HP Lycoming engine, Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite and Sirius XM Weather. Snuggled next to the Aspen 2500 glass cockpit, you’ll fly comfortably in leather seating and air conditioning.

Our Archer III is one of more than 130,000 Piper aircraft internationally. While this plane was first introduced in 1994, the Piper legacy began in 1937 when William T. Piper released the Piper Cub. Over the next 80 years, the Piper Aircraft Corporation built its fleet of more than a dozen fixed-wing models, including the nine models available today. It has since evolved into the Archer DX: a smaller take on the Archer III’s engine and fuel capacity with a higher maximum altitude.

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