About us


Our Mission

Pacific Flight Aviation's mission is to provide each future pilot with the best flight instruction possible. Through a comprehensive orientation and custom flight training, Pacific Flight Aviation is designed to exceed expectations for any Orange County flight student. Every member of our team maintains the keystones of aviation: safety, quality and integrity.


Whether on the ground or in-flight, safety is our main priority. We will ensure that you not only feel safe but learn to fly safe. An instructor’s education is never over; neither is safety training. Our strictly maintained airplanes and adherence to standard protocol elevate safety above financial gain.


The quality of your training experience is paramount. We hold our flight instructors and the planes they fly to the highest standards. Experienced instructors use only the most consistent, up-to-date training materials to guide you through your flight training. Our organized facilities utilize the latest technology, including new, well-equipped airplanes.


One of the qualities required to become a professional pilot is good moral character. We will always practice what we preach, do what we say and advise honestly. Flight training should be an enjoyable experience as well as an educational one. Our instructors combine patience and positivity with expert transparency.



Certified Flight Instructor


Wayne Hankins
Owner/Chief Pilot - CFI and CFII

Inspired by aviation as a child, Wayne Hankins knew he would become a pilot. His father, an avionics specialist for the Air Force, and his grandfather, a glider pilot for the Army Air Corp during World War II, both shared a passion for flying RC gliders. Wayne learned to fly at 18 and, after a career as a CTO and technologist, decided to earn his certification for flight instructing. Opening a flight school was the next logical step. An Orange County resident himself, Wayne chose to establish PFA close to home and the beautiful views of the Southern California coast.


Jacqulyn Summer Aleman
CFI, CFII and mei

Summer’s flight journey began as a toddler, tucked in a car seat in the back of a Cessna 172. Her father, private pilot and A&P mechanic, encouraged her to fly her entire life. After earning her bachelor’s at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, she began her pursuit of an aviation career. Summer learned to fly with a seasoned pilot out of KTRM and had the opportunity to receive her tail wheel endorsement while learning to correctly “use her feet.” Before she knew it, she was hooked. She quickly worked through all of her certifications and continued to earn her CFI, CFII and MEI.