Career In-Demand: Pilot Shortage Crisis


It’s time to take command of your travel experience.

For aviation lovers, this is your opportunity to earn a certificate in private or commercial flight training as the demand for pilots continues to grow. Initiated by ambitious students, aviation channels passion for ingenuity and technology to the real world. So, if you’ve ever had an interest in learning to fly a fixed-wing aircraft or pursuing commercial flying, a career in aviation could be in your future.

By 2021, the need for pilots will skyrocket as many current pilots turn 65, the mandatory retirement age for pilots in the U.S. Within ten years, Cowen & Company expects the number of retirees to exceed 44 percent.

Desperate for new pilots, airlines are hungry. Future and Active Pilot Advisors and other associate companies host nationwide, monthly job fairs for pilots of all experience levels to meet airline recruiters. To encourage the influx of students, aviation clubs, including AOPA, Women in Aviation and the National Air Transportation Association, offer thousands of dollars in scholarships for flight students.

If commercial flying doesn’t interest you, the freedom to travel and control your next vacation just might. As airlines lose pilots, cutbacks will increase; although there are plenty of planes to meet the demand for travel, there are not enough pilots to fly them. The Seattle Times reported Horizon Air canceled more than 300 flights last summer due to pilot shortages. The pilot deficit has even been enough to ground smaller airlines completely, including Republic Airways as CNN reported in 2016. Private pilot certification offers the ability to set your own course.

For those who have never flown a plane or are a military veteran looking for a change of pace, flight training may offer you the excitement, achievement and freedom you have been searching for.

The truth is: flying a plane is an attainable goal, one that has never been in higher demand.

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