Redbird Flight Simulator Specifications

Simulator Make






Panels and Avionics

  • Piper Archer Panel

    • Garmin GNS430W GPS/NAV/COMM #1

    • Garmin GNS430W GPS/NAV/COMM #2

    • S-TEC 55XAutopilot

  • Piper Seminole Panel

    • G1000

    • GFC 700

Additional Options

  • Control Yoke Loading

  • Cygnus Integration - Foreflight, Garmin Pilot and CloudAhoy

  • GIFT - Guided Independent Flight Training

  • Expanded Monitors for 240 degree view allowing for true ground reference maneuvers in the simulator.


Control Yoke Loading

When someone talks about a simulator, the fact that “it doesn’t feel like the real thing” almost always comes up. While that might not be a big deal when you’re teaching instrument procedures, this lack of “feel” turns most devices into a paper weight when you try to teach basic aircraft handling. The primary culprit of “simulator feel” is the traditional spring-loaded yoke system that has been the industry standard since the 1940’s. We’ve known that force feedback systems are the answer to this problem, but these systems have been hugely expensive and delicate components that aren’t even an option on most general aviation training devices … until now.

The Redbird Control Loading system is a mechanically simple, inexpensive force feedback system that takes the realism of your simulator experience to a completely new level. Control Loading is without doubt the most valuable upgrade you can make to your Redbird training device. It allows your customers to learn how the aircraft controls will feel at various trim and airspeed combinations. In fact, you’ll be able to teach the core building blocks of flight on the ground before a customer ever tries to manhandle the real aircraft into level flight. Unlike our competition, the Redbird Control Loading system is small, clean, quiet, and on our single yoke simulators, interchangeable.

Cygnus integration

Cygnus allows you to use any aviation or navigation apps running on your Apple iOS device while connected to any one of a wide range of flight simulation software products. When using Cygnus during a simulation session your iOS device and the aviation app it is running will believe that it is located wherever the aircraft in the active simulation is located. Cygnus is the perfect tool for training pilots in the use of iPad© aviation apps in a safe and controlled environment.

Cygnus Pro Wireless comes with a fully-functioning Bad Elf GPS Pro external Bluetooth wireless GPS receiver, and can be used to feed simulation data to up to 6 Apple iOS devices.

Cygnus Compatibility

Cygnus talks directly to the location services on your iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod touch allowing you to display your simulated location on any location based App, including:

  • ForeFlight Mobile

  • Garmin Pilot

  • WingX Pro7

  • Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck

  • Reader Plates

  • CloudAhoy

Redbird GIFT Logo-01.png

Redbird’s Guided Independent Flight Training for Private Pilot is a simulator-based maneuvers training supplement designed to help your customers learn, practice, and get feedback on every maneuver required for their pilot’s license.

Each GIFT lesson focuses on a specific flight maneuver or skill required to earn a Private Pilot Certificate and includes:

  1. A video and written pre-flight briefing

  2. A simulator mission with an AI-powered flight instructor that provides real-time coaching and corrections on your performance

  3. A post-flight debrief with objective scoring based on the FAA Airmen Certification Standards

  4. In-depth post-flight review and trend tracking by uploading your lesson history to Redbird Landing

GIFT for Private Pilot includes 33 modules:

  1. Introduction Flight

  2. Straight and Level Flight

  3. Changing Airspeed in Straight and Level Flight

  4. Normal Turns

  5. Normal Climb

  6. Best Rate of Climb

  7. Best Angle of Climb

  8. Descent

  9. Steep Turns

  10. Taxi

  11. Normal Takeoff

  12. Crosswind Takeoff

  13. Slow Flight

  14. Rectangular Course

  15. Turns Around a Point

  16. S-Turns

  17. Power Off (Landing) Stall

  18. Power On (Takeoff) Stall

  19. Basic Instrument Flight

  20. Normal Landing

  21. Crosswind Landing

  22. Traffic Pattern Operations

  23. Go Around

  24. Rejected Takeoff

  25. Emergency Approach and Landing

  26. Short Field Takeoff

  27. Short Field Landing

  28. Soft Field Takeoff

  29. Soft Field Landing

  30. Lost Procedures

  31. Instrument Climb, Descent, Turns to a Heading

  32. Cross Country 1 (Short)

  33. Cross Country 2 (Long)


The Redbird Flight Simulator is an excellent training environment for VFR and IFR training.

If you are looking for IFR currency, IFR training, emergency procedures training, G1000 training or just want to sharpen your pilot skills, the Redbird is ready for your mission.