You belong in the air!


Our aircraft includes the Piper Archer III and Piper Arrow III fixed-wing airplanes for your instruction in Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot certificates, with more aircraft coming very soon! If you're interested in trying out a quick 30 minute Discovery Flight to feel what it's like in the pilot's seat, call or email us today!


Piper Archer III

The Piper Archer III, one of the best training aircraft, sets the stage for the Pacific Flight Aviation fleet. This beautiful and well-maintained Archer is a pleasure to fly.


Piper Archer III

N5368H is the newest addition to Pacific Flight Aviation. Like N72DM, this aircraft is well-maintained and just as beautiful.

Piper Arrow III

The Piper Arrow III is a great addition to the training fleet and aircraft at Pacific Flight Aviation. For those requiring complex time, N5352D is all you need. 


This AATD has both single and multi-engine training panels and the latest Redbird technology. Ideal for both VFR and IFR training