Welcome To Pacific Flight Aviation!


Welcome to Pacific Flight Aviation, the newest fixed-wing aircraft training program based at  John Wayne Airport! We are eager to teach future pilots to fly with excellence by setting a foundation of safety, quality and integrity.

Although Pacific Flight Aviation is new to John Wayne Airport, Founder and Chief Pilot Wayne Hankins has more than 30 years of flying experience. Both his father and grandfather instilled a love of flight through their military backgrounds. Wayne’s passion for flight falls hand-in-hand with his ability to teach the next generation of pilots. He founded Pacific Flight Aviation on the same pillars of safety, quality and integrity with which he flies and provides state-of-the-art equipment, streamlined instruction both on the ground and in the air, and patient, honest instructors.

Our pilot programs are shaped to fit each student’s needs. While every program covers standard course requirements in preparation for tests overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration, your training needs will determine your flight hours. These custom courses offer flexibility for students and one-on-one instruction with a skilled pilot.

For both private and commercial pilots, we offer two in-depth courses designed to ensure proficiency and safety. Both courses are broken into a series of ground and in-flight lessons and cover everything from emergency maneuvers to cross country flights. Practical resources are provided to every student, including the SkyRoamers Private Pilot: Training Manual and a free 6-month subscription to the AOPA Pilot magazine.

Explore our website to read more about the offered courses for private and commercial flying. Both courses allow students to fly with the Piper Archer III, one of the best aircraft for flight training.


Contact us today to start your personalized flight experience and take a Discovery Flight for just $99!