Top 10 Traits of the Best Flight Instructors


Just like safety and integrity, we value the quality of our instructors here at Pacific Flight Aviation. Our CFIs represent professionalism and high-standard teaching abilities during every flight. No matter with whom you choose to fly, your instructor should provide the best flight education for your pilot’s license.

For those who are earning their flight certification or in choosing an instructor, keep in mind the best flight instructors maintain these characteristics.


1. Prompt: prepares for every lesson with all materials on time.

2. Professional attire: dresses appropriately with proper grooming habits.

3.  Honest: points out errors while allowing a student to work through them.

4. Thorough: performs stage checks throughout the training to make sure a student is on track.

5. Positive: ends lessons on a high note and handle all student errors with tact.

6. Safe: conducts every standard operating procedure without shortcuts.

7. Humble: open to admitting if they are unsure of an answer and willing to solve problems.

8. Encouraging: helps instill in the student both confidence and proper behaviors including reviewing material and respecting the airplane.

9. Challenging: covers flight instruments when required, holds students accountable for studying and promptness.

10. Patient: understands students will make mistakes and need time and practice to master complex flight procedures.


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