Rent with PFA


Place your trust in quality aircraft. We sure do with our 2001 Piper Archer III. Whether you’re a novice aviator still learning the ropes or an experienced pilot looking to rent, the Archer hold opportunity for everyone.

As we’ve said here, the Archer III’s simplified system is a great starter for first-time flyers. Complete with a Lycoming O-360-A4M Engine at 180 HP, this plane is mighty!

But for a pilot who is looking to take a day trip or cruise the coast without purchasing their own plane, this rental opportunity is for you. At PFA, we are fortunate enough to own our planes, which keeps maintenance costs down, and in turn keeps rental prices down!

Have the chance to enjoy the skies without breaking the bank or making a major commitment to an aircraft. Upon meeting flight qualifications with Chief Pilot Wayne Hankins, the Archer may be rented for just $157.50 per hour.

Interested in renting this beauty? Contact us for more details!