Private Pilot Student Jonathon


Jon Hankins, one of our newest flight students and son of Chief Pilot Wayne Hankins, is currently earning his private pilot’s license! He started his flight training back in November, and he’s perfecting landings and working in the traffic pattern in his most recent lessons. With inspiration from his dad, it’s hard not to see why he loves to fly. Read below to learn why Jon flies with Pacific Flight!

Why are you earning your private pilot’s license?

It’s my father and CFI Wayne’s passion in life. I get to spend time with him while he passes this passion onto me.

What are your current flight goals with Pacific Flight Aviation?

My current flight goals are to master all the communications with air traffic controllers throughout the whole flight which I find to be one of the trickiest aspects of flying. My last flight was the first time I was able to talk my way through an entire taxi and departure, but I need to work on it during flight and the approach to landing.

Why are you inspired to fly?

I was always amazed by flying ever since my father would take me with him during some of his lessons. I think it’s one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It’s really cool to have this skill.

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