PFA and Pilot Finance


We are proud to announce the new finance services available for our flight students! Now, everyone who has ever dreamed of flying has an attainable option for becoming a pilot. We know earning a private pilot’s license or instrument rating can be a big investment and not an easily made decision; that’s why we teamed up with Pilot Finance, an Illinois-based finance team established in 1999.

While it is highly encouraged for all students to take their flight lessons over the course of several months, it may not be possible for everyone to pay for their entire program before they complete their training. Through this partnership with Pilot Finance, students will remain on track with their curriculum and their payments.

How does it work?

Through Pilot Finance, students may pay monthly installments without any hidden fees or surprises. Depending on the average number of lessons you take each week, you’ll directly pay Pilot Finance back. Their program will help each student determine the appropriate payments, eliminating the worry of being unable to complete flight training due to lack of funds. Rather than paying before each lesson, the Pilot Finance system encourages consistency without the stress of accumulating costs.

Everyone should have the opportunity to fly. Do you have questions about financing your flight training? Contact us today.