PFA Fleet Grows: Meet the Piper Arrow III


Pacific Flight Aviation is excited to announce the newest addition to our expanding aircraft: the Piper Arrow III.

Our Arrow, built in 2002, is ideal for commercial and instrument training. While complete with similar features to the Archer, including size and maximum operating altitude, the Arrow III uses conventional instruments including the  Century NSD-360 Horizontal Situation Indicator rather than the Aspen 2500 system.

Its 200 horsepower Lycoming engine, constant speed propeller and retractable landing gear makes this a complex airplane.  The Arrow is the perfect choice for completing the complex airplane requirements for a commercial pilot certificate.


“The Piper Arrow is the only complex single-engine trainer aircraft built today. With familiar controls and handling characteristics as other Piper trainers, it provides an easy transition for students moving up to a complex aircraft.”

Welcome to the Arrow