Learn to Fly in Orange County

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Orange County offers a completely unique, well-rounded flight training experience. Between three of the largest, busiest airports in the country, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco International Airports, flight students are able to train in a variety of conditions that will prepare them for flying beyond Southern California. These are the top four reasons why it’s best to fly in Orange County from John Wayne Airport!

1. Weather

Sunny skies are perfect for flying. With SoCal’s generally perfect weather, new flyers won’t usually be restricted by cloudy days. Fly a little farther away though and you can take on a variety of weather and mountain airspace for more experienced pilots. Unlike our East Coast friends, we generally aren’t restricted by snow and ice in California. We’re able to fly more days than not!

2. Opportunities

Orange County pilots have created a close knit community for a variety of aircraft and professions. Whether you’re looking to be a CFI or airline pilot, fly private charter planes or assist law enforcement, there are endless connections within Orange County.

3. Complexity

Complicated Orange County airspace and air traffic provide opportunities for pilots who want to fly anywhere. Fly a little farther away and you can take on a variety of weather and mountain airspace for more experienced pilots. You won’t have to go far for a challenge; Big Bear Airport is just a hop away!

4. Airport variety

Southern California’s local airports, including Fullerton, Chino, Brackett and Ontario, allow students to adjust to the flying basics and airport procedures in different air space, while international airports provide challenges needed to master aviation in a busier environment. These airports will prepare our students for anything.

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