Happy Holidays From Pacific Flight Aviation!

2018_11_PFA_Air to Air_21.jpg

It is incredible to see what one year can bring. After the successful launch of Pacific Flight Aviation, we are excited to see where we are headed in 2019.

What did this year bring? Most importantly, we introduced new aviators to the skies. This is what it’s all about: allowing more fixed-wing enthusiasts to experience flight with attainable courses. We are committed to teaching the next generation of pilots the foundational values in which we believe. Our amazing students have progressed their skills in just a few short seasons, and it will be amazing to see how far they can fly.

What should you expect from PFA this next year? As we head into the end of our first year at John Wayne Airport, we will continue to uphold the values of safety, quality and integrity. As we strive for complete transparency, you can be sure we’ll always practice what we preach. We want pricing to stay low. We want lessons to be clear. We want safety to be a priority. It’s not about cutting corners for us, and while we can expect new and exciting updates next year, these values won’t change.

This holiday season has truly reminded us of the amazing level of support from the flight community. Thank you for sticking with PFA this year and into the next. Happy Holidays!

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