Big News for Pacific Flight Aviation Students!


A message from Chief Pilot Wayne Hankins:

Honest, transparent communication is crucial to me not only as the owner of Pacific Flight Aviation but also as a member of the pilot community at John Wayne Airport. With the industry’s high demand for excellent pilots, it’s important to be honest, accessible and open for more pilots to take flight and fly safely.

After hearing so many aspiring fixed-wing pilots desire for more affordable flight training in Orange County, I made it my mission to provide the best personal and advanced training these future pilots need while being able to keep my costs and prices down. Now, I am proud to announce that PFA has received funding to reduce these costs even further! This funding allows me to reduce the cost per hour for our training aircraft. This means lower prices for flight training in our Piper aircraft, lower prices for your private or commercial pilot’s license and lower prices for your instrument rating!

I want training to be more accessible for anyone who dreams of flying.

As of December 1, 2018,  students enrolled in any of our training courses will enjoy a reduced hourly rate of $135.00 per hour for our Piper Archer or Piper Arrow airplanes. Our new pricing for each course is based on this reduction. Take a look at our newest pricing at  This, in combination with our recently introduced financing program, will make flying even more attainable by lowering the overall cost, while providing the high-quality and safe training every aspiring pilot should have.  

Flying should be experienced by everyone, and I look forward to sharing the freedom of flight with new aviation enthusiasts.

See you in the skies,